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How to Choose a Retirement Community

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A senior woman sits at a table, holding cards next to a cup of tea and smiling. In the background, fellow seniors engage in conversation while a nurse helps out.

Choosing a retirement community can be quite a challenge. There are several lifestyle options with different kinds of care and many locations with different amenities. With so many choices ahead of you, it can be difficult to find the right fit for yourself or a loved one.

Our team at Yorkshire of Edina has a list of things that you can do to make this process easier. When you’re choosing a retirement community, use the following steps:

  • Determine what level of care is needed
  • Think about the physical location
  • Check out their amenities
  • Find out which health care services are provided
  • Review the rules and regulations
  • Tour potential communities

Determine What Level of Care Is Needed

Before making any decision, there’s an easy place to start: determine what kind of care you or your loved one desires. Start by assessing overall health and ask the following questions:

  • Do you or your loved one want a hand with daily tasks?
  • Will you or your loved one be mostly independent?
  • Do you or your loved one want help with medication management?

For those who just want a small amount of support, assisted living may be the right choice. With assisted living, you can get the exact amount of care you want but can remain independent and self-supporting. 

For those who want to focus solely on retiring in comfort and aren’t quite looking for any additional support yet, independent living could be a great option. Independent living offers retired people a community-style type of living without the need to worry about daily chores. 

For retired adults affected by cognitive decline, memory care may be more ideal. Memory care is designed to offer a safe, secure, and supportive environment where you can have a high quality of life while getting specialized care and support for daily needs related to cognitive challenges.

Think About the Physical Location

Now that you know what you or your loved one wants, it’s time to think about location. Think about the following questions:

  • How close do you want to be to family and friends?
  • How close do you want to be to other local organizations and services?

Physical location matters. Browse a few communities in a single area that fit your desired lifestyle. And don’t forget to look at nearby towns or communities to discover the local amenities!

Check Out Their Amenities

Every senior living community is different, and the amenities they offer can play a big role in making life more enjoyable. Check to see if the communities you’re looking at offer:

  • Restaurant-style dining with chef-prepared meals
  • Fitness classes and programs
  • Therapy and other options for emotional support
  • Social opportunities for meeting new people
  • Classes and events for exploring passions or hobbies

Make sure to pick a community that has programs and amenities that suit your needs!

Find Out Which Health Care Services Are Provided

Health care services are an essential part of life for many retired people, and it’s always a good idea to choose a community that has medical services suited to your needs—including your possible future needs.

Some of the medical services retirement communities may offer include:

  • Regular checkups for residents – Rounding on-site physician with access to a complete health record
  • Assistance with medication management
  • Access to a Life Manager to oversee different areas of care, and promote health and wellness
  • Health and wellness programs to support daily well-being

It can be particularly helpful to look at how a community might handle a medical emergency. Maintaining your health is a crucial part of enjoying retirement, so the available support for personal health can be a big factor in helping you choose the right community. 

Review the Rules & Regulations

Every community is going to have their own set of rules and regulations. Even though it may be a little less exciting, take some time and review them thoroughly. Find out what is and isn’t allowed, and think about how those rules and regulations can facilitate a happy, comfortable retirement.

For example, some communities may have a restriction on outside decorations or may restrict which pets are and aren’t allowed. By reviewing these rules carefully, you can avoid any unwelcome surprises.

Tour Your Potential Communities

You don’t have to make a choice based on instinct and research alone. Before you make any final decisions, take the time to tour the communities you’re thinking about choosing. During your tour, you may want to take some time to speak with different staff and people who live there.

Take the time to ask any questions you may have during your tour and experience the potential amenities a community offers for yourself. Seeing a community in person can help confirm that you’re making the right choice for a wonderful retirement. 

A senior man with a cane smiles and laughs while sitting outside with a nurse and other seniors

Choose the Right Community for Your Needs

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re choosing a retirement community. By considering your needs and how a community can meet them, you can make this decision a lot easier for you or your loved one. 

While you’re at it, why not visit us here at Yorkshire of Edina? We’re here to help older adults enjoy their golden years in a community where they can feel at home. Book a tour with us today to experience all our amenities and lifestyle options firsthand. 

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