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Top 5 Physical Activities Designed for Seniors

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Whether it’s salsa, ballroom, jazz, or any other genre, dancing to your favorite music is an excellent way to stay in shape, as it combines endurance, cardio, and flexibility exercises into one routine.

Millions of Americans are engaged in dancing as an exercise every year, and our passionate staff and caregivers are more than happy to turn any room into a dance hall for you and your new friends.


Looking to step outside your living center and enjoy the fun activities that your community has to offer? Why not try scattering a few pins at your local bowling alley?

Bowling is an excellent exercise for seniors to be a part of because it can help improve balance and upper body strength. Another great reason to try bowling is that almost all bowling alleys have their own leagues, with mAre you or a loved looking to step outdoors and have some fun, but worried about over-exerting yourself? Lifesprk Senior Living understands these concerns and wants to help our guests stay as healthy as they wish and have as much fun as possible while they’re at it!

Here are the top 5 physical activities that are perfect for senior citizens.

ost also catering to senior visitors.


Swimming is an activity that everyone enjoys, as there is no better feeling than floating and moving through the water while getting a full aerobics exercise.

The best part of swimming? Thanks to water’s buoyancy, your joints will be supported so you can enjoy a gentle, full-body workout without any jarring movements that can occur during other types of exercise.

Whether you enjoy the peace and quiet of a leisurely swim or the company of your friends and family, you’ll be having a great and active time!


Getting physically fit doesn’t always require a facility or special equipment. Sometimes all that you need to improve your physical and mental wellbeing is a leisurely walk through your community!

Whether you’re walking with a group and doing circuits at a local mall, or you’re taking a leisurely stroll through your community and stopping to smell the flowers, walking is a critical exercise that gets you out in the fresh air and exposes you to Vitamin D on warm and sunny days.


Gardening may not be the first activity that people think of when they’re trying to come up with physical activities, but the acts of planting, pruning, watering, and picking fruits and vegetables from your garden are extensive activities.

Gardening also has other health benefits that people normally don’t consider, as the flexibility that is built up and required can help prevent osteoporosis while providing gardeners with fresh-from-the-garden produce to eat healthy too.

These activities are only some of our favorites to do, but there are dozens of other physical activities and hobbies designed to improve seniors’ mobility and health. Give our care experts a call today at 800-783-7390 or visit us online to see what other activities you or a loved one can start doing today.

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